A property manager to take your real estate assets to the next level!

Aware of your expectations and your objectives, My New ÔHM puts in place all the necessary arrangements to ensure the smooth running of your rentals, the optimization of your real estate assets and the respect of your obligations.

Rental management or the administration of real estate can be more complex than it seems. The profitability of a real estate investment should not be the result of chance but the result of rigorous work.

By deciding to entrust your real estate to our service, you ensure a service that meets your expectations. Indeed, we will sign a pre-drafted management mandate, but the clauses of which will be modified and completed during our interview so that everything meets your expectations.

We put our know-how at your service to guarantee the profitability of your property, while providing you with the advice appropriate to your situation.


6% excl. tax

  • Verification of the diagnoses of the property in accordance with the regulations in force
  • Lease renewal
  • Sending notices of deadlines
  • Collection of rents, charges and occupancy allowances
  • Sending rent receipts, receipts and discharges
  • Give release of any seizure, opposition and suretyship
  • Review of the rent on the anniversary date of the lease
  • Evaluate the provisions for charges prior to the rental of the property
  • Regularization of charges, taxes, and annual clearance
  • Annual verification of the “multi-risk insurance” subscription
  • Annual verification of the subscription of maintenance contracts
  • Monthly reporting
  • Quarterly management report
  • Recovery of unpaid rent
  • Receipt of departure notices and information to the owner
  • Information to the tenant of the formalities related to his departure
  • Join the support of our legal partners
  • Give all leave on behalf of the owner
  • VAT declaration (if necessary)
  • Meter reading (if necessary)
  • Information to the owner concerning the need for work intervention
  • Have all works and precautionary measures carried out, enlist the assistance of a project manager or a technician
  • Pay work invoices
  • Subscribe, sign or terminate any insurance contract



7% excl. tax

  • Rental management formula


  • Make any claims
  • Information to the owner of appraisals and counter-appraisals
  • Payment of condominium fees
  • Sending of invitations to the annual general meeting upon receipt
  • Sending of the minutes of the general meeting upon receipt
  • Payment of taxes and duties attached to the property, if necessary, recover them from the tenant



For the 2 formulas

à la carte

  • Unpaid rent guarantee
  • Appointment and declaration of your property income
  • Diligently (request and defence) all seizures, legal actions, orders, summonses, subpoenas and summonses before all courts and all administrative commissions *
  • Reconcile, request judgments, have them served and executed, have all titles or documents delivered*
  • Tenant search
  • Drafting of the lease and signature
  • Establishment of the entry inventory
  • Establishment of the exit inventory
  • Ensure the management of claims files and the recovery of compensation
  • Representation at General Meetings and with tenant associations
  • Make complaints and requests for relief from public bodies

Single-ownership building:

  • Hire and fire maintenance and custodial staff
  • Set salaries and working conditions, replace it if necessary
  • Write and complete any grant application, particularly with the ANAH

*The agent cannot represent the principal before the district court and the local jurisdiction under the provisions of article 828 of the code of civil procedure


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